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“I love it whenever I read a book that mentions somewhere in London that I know” – interview with Books on the Tube

Almost all of us like to read on the tube, and it’s great to talk to other people about what we’ve been reading (if they’ll let us!). In that spirit, we spoke to Kathy, the author of the Books on the Tube blog, who has been writing about her tube reading since May, 2012. Chris … Continue reading

Chromaroma: a new way to look at your commute (and swap books!)

At Books for London we’re all about helping to make public transport better for everyone by giving them an opportunity to discover new books and swap their old ones. And all with almost no extra effort in their daily commute. Because making transport better is what we’re about, we’re always looking out for other organisations … Continue reading

Guest post – Who says books are out of fashion?

Books for London recently undertook a ‘book crawl’ across London to release CollectConnect’s Freedbook. Freelance journalist Diana Vollmerhausen wrote the following article on the crawl and Books for London, and has very kindly let us repost it here. If you believe that the likes of Kindles and Kobos are going to spell the end of … Continue reading

Book swapping comes to Stratford Station!

Today was a great day for the Books for London team; after several months of planning, we were able to install a book swap shelf in Stratford Station. Stratford Station handles over 17 million passengers ever year, so it’s a fantastic achievement for us. Our shelf is located in the main subway, next to the … Continue reading

Book crawling across London with Freedbook

This weekend saw the CollectConnect group of artists release copies of their ‘Freedbook’ into the wilds of London’s station book swaps. Books for London campaign founder Chris Gilson rode with the collective and looks back on the day. When you’re planning any activity that involves a good deal of travelling in London it’s fairly certain … Continue reading

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