Thank you!

We’ve had quite a few successes here at Books for London, and we couldn’t have done it at all without the time and effort of our amazing volunteers! Here are just some of the amazing people who’ve helped us out so far:

Ian Weir, Justine Rose, Sarah Zakzouk, Andrew Duke, Jennifer Zielinska, and Anikka Weerasinghe for their organising efforts and ideas.

Luke Henley for designing our amazing logo and promotional materials.

Sally Greenbrook for her unconditional support (and driving!).

David Highton, Jack Jones, Beth Forde and all the volunteers at OPEN Ealing who put up with having 10 tonnes of books in their loft for nearly a year!

Annie Harris and everyone who helped to move 10 tonnes of books up (and down!) 5 storeys!

Elizabeth Cotton and Jane Tinkler for their advice and enthusiasm.

Alison Prendiville and all the MDes Service Design Innovation course students at the London College of Communication (including building us some truly awesome prototypes).

Chris Larkman, Sara Nathan, Isabel Simons and Karen at My Coffee Stop for their own book swaps and help.

Anthony Fairlough for being the inspiration for getting the whole thing started with his book swap in Wimbledon.

The Centre for London for making book swaps in London the winning idea for the #ideasformayor competition.

Everyone who’s ever donated or swapped a book with us – there are loads of you, but you know who you are!

Thanks so much to everyone who’s helped us out! If we’ve missed you out here, let us know and we’ll put your name in lights!


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