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A year of book swapping at Stratford Station, East London: “the appetite for books is incredible”

Justine Rose has run Books for London’s bookswap shelf in Stratford station since November 2012. Here she shares some of her experiences of setting up and running the bookswap there. To set up a book swap the main thing you need is persistence.  Station managers are very busy people and often have a number of … Continue reading

In praise of the London Library Consortium’s reservation service

A recent article by James Surowiecki about paper versus e-books in the New Yorker got me thinking about how people read in London. His main point is that despite the relative failure of Barnes and Nobles’ Nook e-reader, there is still a massive appetite for ‘real’ books in the US. And I think that it’s … Continue reading

“Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just share the books you read every day” – interview with Books on the Underground

As commuters in London, most of us are familiar with the free papers and magazines regularly thrust into our willing hands to make our journeys that bit more bearable. But what if someone gave you a book instead of the Evening Standard? Chris from Books for London spoke to Hollie who writes the Books on … Continue reading

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