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Book swapping in London

London book swaps need you!

Welcome to London book swaps!

We’re the campaign aiming to get all you lovely Londoners swapping books across the capital as never before.

Ever been bored on the train or the tube? Maybe you just don’t fancy reading the Metro in the morning?

Our plan is to help local community groups to get book swaps in as many tube and rail stations across London by the time the Olympics rolls around in August 2012. More about what we’re up to, here.

But we need your help.

1. We need photos. Is there a place in your local train, tube, or bus station that could fit a small shelf? It doesn’t have to be huge (this one isn’t!), just enough for a few shelves. I bet you’ve thought of one already.

Take a quick photo snap of the space you reckon would be perfect for a book swap, email it over to londonbookswap@gmail.com, and we’ll add it to our burgeoning database of likely book swap locations.

2. Maybe you want to organise a book swap yourself? Ace! Tweet us at @londonbookswap, or send us an email.

Flickr user Jason Morrison (Creative Commons NC)


5 thoughts on “London book swaps need you!

  1. Have you guys ever heard of Bookcrossing.com? It’s an international site, that has been going for about 10 years, where people register books on the site……and then leave them in public places for others to find them.

    I’m sure if approached something mutually beneficial could be worked out – for instance, there’s years of experience over there about leaving books in public places (e.g. airports are a really bad idea as they tend to get destroyed by cleaners/security staff rather than being picked up; bus shelters also bad because there’s a type of people who prefer criminal damage by setting light to a book rather than reading it). BC also has a way of tracking the book and what people thought of it

    Posted by Nordie | September 16, 2011, 12:49 am
  2. Hi Nordie!

    Thanks for commenting – and for your great suggestion. We’re aware of Bookcrossing, but hadn’t been in touch yet. Do you have any contacts for them in the UK (other than their Twitter)?

    Posted by londonbookswap (@londonbookswap) | September 16, 2011, 9:01 am
  3. I put a call out last night. Nothing as yet, but you could try here:


    which is the UK email group, or you could try contacting “head office” via this link


    Posted by Nordie | September 17, 2011, 7:02 am
  4. Also got a reply to a forum post from bookcrosser karen07814:

    Are at blue egg great bardfield essex tomorrow if you fancy coming up? Catch me on twitter @nneerraakk to see plans, bookswapping is what we do best

    Posted by Nordie | September 17, 2011, 6:24 pm

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