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When it comes to station book swapping, it really is all about South London

So in the last month or so we’ve been putting out our Twitter feelers to try and find out all the stations in London that currently have book swaps.

You South London book swappers really put the rest of London to shame! After Raynes Park, Wimbledon, and the Battersea Arts Centre, we now know that both Surbiton train station, Coulsdon South station and Morden underground stations have book swaps.  We really a need a photo of the Surbiton swap, so if anyone could take a quick snap and then email it to londonbookswap@gmail.com, you’ll be a hero here at Book Swap Towers!

Credit: @scavengerman

The interesting thing about the Morden Station swap is that not only is it in an underground station, it’s also (apparently) the brainchild and responsibility of a station staff member. Unfortunately it sounds like the swap is currently out of action due to a collapsed shelf (more common than you might think!), so let’s hope it gets rebuilt soon.

Now, we’ve been under the impression here at Book Swaps for London that LUL might not be keen to do swaps because of possible clutter/fire hazard issues – bit it looks like, with this as an example of it working, and working well, there might be some hope.  We’re planning on heading over to Morden soon to check it out. We’ll keep you posted!



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