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How to move 8000kg of books to the top floor of an office building in Ealing – get some help!

Today saw an absolutely herculean effort by a team made up of amazing volunteers. Together, we unloaded 14,000 books in 14 pallets  from an 18tonne truck – each pallet weighing over 550kg! Check out some of the action – (click each picture to enlarge):

We put the call out on Twitter and on Ealing Today for volunteers, and we had a great response. Loads of people came and helped out! Without them we would never have been completely stuck. Props also to the team at OPEN Ealing which were cashiered into moving some boxes as well. West Ealing Waitrose stepped up and loaned us a pallet truck, without which we would have been pretty stuck.

We managed to put about 3/4 of the boxes onto the 6th floor of OPEN Ealing, and the rest are in the corner of a ground floor room. They can’t stay there, so we’re going to go back again on Saturday morning at 11am to finish off the job – more volunteers would be great! Let us know if you can make it by tweeting @londonbookswap

So what’s next? We’re putting together the list of books that we have, and we’re going to start offering them to various community groups and charities across London. We’re also going to offer them to community groups to start even more station book swaps!


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