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Neil Gaiman on libraries, free books in North London and the rise of the sharing economy: Books for London round up for 27 November

We know it’s been a while since you last heard from us here at Books for London Towers, but we’re back with another round up of blogs, articles and videos of book related goodness.

  • First up is a great piece from the Urbanophile blog, which looks at the rise and rise of what’s come to be be known as ‘the sharing econonomy’. It’s interesting food for thought as sharing graduates from being something that a few people that are in the know do, to something that starts to supplant and augment traditional industries, such as AirBnB and Zipcar.
  • You should definitely read this piece by the excellent author Neil Gaiman in praise of books, reading and why our future depends on libraries, which has this lovely quote:

    ‘Douglas Adams once pointed out to me, more than 20 years before the Kindle turned up, a physical book is like a shark. Sharks are old: there were sharks in the ocean before the dinosaurs. And the reason there are still sharks around is that sharks are better at being sharks than anything else is. Physical books are tough, hard to destroy, bath-resistant, solar-operated, feel good in your hand: they are good at being books, and there will always be a place for them. They belong in libraries’

  • The Kindness offensive has a new shop in North London which they intend to use to give away 100,000 books


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