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Book swapping in Bordeaux!

On a recent jaunt to the lovely French city of Bordeaux we came across the Gallic interpretation of a public book swap. Just a bit out of the city centre, near to the student quarter of La Victoire, we found what must have been a town square or common at one point. There, the city’s officials have had the good sense to install a weather-proof outdoor book swap, where people can take and leave books for free. Even better, it looks to be a city-wide scheme.

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Unfortunately we didn’t have any books en Français to share, so we gave it a quick tidy, and went on our merry way.

Bordeaux isn’t just good at swapping books – they also have a brilliant bike sharing system that covers most of the city. It’s easy for tourists to use and is a great way to get around (try to avoid the cobbles though!).



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